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Logistics systems simulation

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Treatment and Coating of surfaces
Implantation Study

In the year 2005 a company specialised in the surface treatment, installation of components and the logistic management of towers for wind turbines built a workshop of 3500 m2, which has a sandblasting cabin and two painting cabins for the process of surface treatment, these installations produced a capacity of 12 lengths per week.

In the year 2006 this company decided to expand their existing installations with the idea of duplicating the productive capacity of the installations. This necessity for expansion was repeated in 2007 and 2008.


Elaboration of the process map (VSM), identifying the processes involved and the flow of existing materials.

After analysing the initial situation the decision was taken to do various simulation studies with the following objectives:

  • To identify the strategic and/or critical processes.
  • To establish the resources necessary to increase the productive capacity.
  • Development of a new layout for the workshop taking into account the newly established flow of materials.


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