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Simulation, product and process development and optimization

AST Ingeniería S.L. (Advanced Simulation Technologies S.L.), is an engineering company that bases its activity in the development of projects through the use of simulation technology. It has a clear orientation towards the resolution of industrial problems and aiding the technical decision making process.




Our participation in and relationship with both national and international R+D projects makes up our main strategic line for business development and growth.

At present the company works in the private sector, mainly with industrial SMEs, having accumulated in our 16 year history 350,000 hours of engineering. During this time our workforce has also increased steadily from 2 people in 2002 to the present number of 11 professionals,  there is an average age of 33 years old.

Our vision
of the future is to convert ourselves into a “centre for applied simulation” focused on the resolution of problems and aiding the decision making process in the different fields of industrial engineering.




Our present mission has as its base our attained position as a reference in the development of simulation projects. We use this base to try to grow by offering an ever more effective service, opening new industrial fields of work by incorporating new technology in advanced simulation. This way we consolidate the different existing business lines and develop new ones.

Some of the values that are important to us are joint responsibility, independence, equilibrium, being proactive, integration, support and rigour.

All of these values contribute to a philosophy based on the effort and professionalism of our collaborators, who jointly, project after project give life to our work teams.

Motostudent 2018
Fin de aventura para Wolfast Uniovi en Motostudent 2018
Una plataforma de realidad virtual para crear fábricas modulares
Las compañías IDESA, AST Ingeniería, Fluid System y Vortica, con el apoyo del IDEPA y Fondos Feder, desarrollan un proyecto que permite optimizar el diseño de las plantas y el proceso de montaje. Fuente: El Comercio
Presentación AST en Seminario NAFEMS Iberia
22 Febrero 2018. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Arcelor exporta por El Musel carril de 108 metros para Inglaterra
La empresa estibadora AGP con la colaboración de AST Ingeniería ha desarrollado un balancín especial para posibilitar el embarque. Fuente: La Nueva España
CFD-Flow Simulation in Engineering
NAFEMS Seminar. 22 February 2018 E.T.S. de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio (UPM)